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"I believe in individuality, that everybody is special,

and it's up to them to find that quality and let it live."

- Grace Jones

Perfume is not a necessity (though some might disagree) but it's a beautiful enhancement that - ultimately - makes us feel happy.

Since early civilisation as we know it, fragrance has played an important role in people's lives -

as personal adornment, in religious or spiritual

ritual - adding pleasure, sensuality and sacred elements.

While there are many perfumes easily available today, in shops and online, any of the reasons below could be why you choose to have a Festival of Ariel personalised handcrafted natural perfume created uniquely for you - or as a gift for someone special ...

You prefer to use authentically natural products

for your skin care and personal fragrance and are consciously avoiding the synthetic chemical overload of mass-market products.

You're developing allergies - skin sensitivities or other reactions like hay fever - to many commercially produced perfumes.

You don't want to leave a strong perfume trail and prefer the more subtle and complex aromas that stay close to your body and slowly evolve on your skin.

You generally like to use hand-made items from natural sources.

You like the idea of a perfume created for you to celebrate your uniqueness.

You're going through a challenging time and want to give yourself a special perfume to help nurture and boost your self-esteem and confidence during this transition.

You recognise the powerful impact of scent on memory and want to use your own special perfume, together with affirmations and visualisation to help manifest your dreams and desires.

You'd like to give the gift of a personalised natural perfume to someone you love and appreciate.

Festival of Ariel Perfume, Australia

Why personalised perfume 

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