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While undertaking an international perfume making course a few years ago, I found my bliss.

I had always been highly creative but, until discovering perfume making, had never found quite the right medium for my artistic expression.


More than 20 years earlier, I discovered aromatherapy and subsequently left the corporate world to study, practise and also teach what became my passion.

Aromatherapy is "the art and science of using essential oils for therapeutic purposes".  The pesky intellectual and logical part of my brain likes the scientific basis of aromatherapy while my creative side enjoys the "art" of blending the essential oils that achieve both a harmonious aroma and the best therapeutic result for each person.


For many years I've witnessed the physical and emotional healing benefits from authentic essential oils on many people including my family, friends and clients.

While any one essential oil or a blend of two or more can always be used as a personal perfume, the art of natural perfumery opens up a different level of scent blending and harmonising. 


Creating a personalised natural perfume that addresses the body, mind and spirit of the intended wearer means working directly with that person.

As an aromatherapist and massage therapist, I love the one-to-one interaction with people.  Which is why I've chosen to create individually personalised perfumes rather than selling a perfume range online.

I'm also increasingly interested in blending essential oils from native Australian plants into the perfumes.


Using these essential oils connects us more strongly to the land of Australia while benefiting hugely from their powerfully therapeutic properties.  I continue to learn more about these as they become available and to experiment with incorporating them into Festival of Ariel perfumes.


Creating beautiful and healing perfumes is lifelong learning and I invite you to share and enjoy this journey with me.

In love and light


Festival of Ariel Perfume, Carole Gridley
Festival of Ariel Perfume

"Passion is energy.

Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you." 

- Oprah Winfrey

About Carole Gridley

Festival of Ariel Perfume, Australia
Festival of Ariel Perfume
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