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The name began simply as Ariel.

But further research on the name's meaning revealed a description of Archangel Ariel, which is perfect for personalised natural botanical pefumes.

Archangel Ariel is the angel of nature, overseeing protection and healing of animals and plants and the natural elements water and wind.  She encourages us to go outside and spend time in the natural world for its inspiring and rejuvenating healing power.

She is also the angel of abundance and manifestation and is tasked with helping people reach their full potential in life. She may help you to discover your life's purpose, help with goal-setting and finding the courage to overcome obstacles, enabling you to achieve what is best for you.

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The "Festival" component of the name addresses the more archaic meaning of this word, being "a time of revelry or merrymaking" . 


Because perfume is pleasurable and fun.

Experience the joy and potential from your personalised handcrafted natural Festival of Ariel perfume.

Festival of Ariel Perfume
Festival of Ariel Perfume

"Nature is the one place where miracles not only happen

but they happen all the time"

- Thomas Wolfe

What's in a name - why Festival of Ariel?

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